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Sedibeng Bowls is a bowling district of Bowls South Africa. The Sedibeng District is made of 7 clubs in the Vaal area.


Experience the Joy of Bowls!

Discover the thrill of lawn bowls, a once-hidden gem in the world of sports now experiencing a surge in popularity, especially among younger enthusiasts. Whether you’re seeking a social and recreational pastime or a dynamic, strategy-driven sport with opportunities for high-level achievement, lawn bowls offers it all.

Contrary to the misconception that it’s solely for older individuals, lawn bowls caters to a diverse audience. It can be a game of intricate skill and strategic maneuvers or a leisurely and enjoyable experience – the choice is yours!

Embrace the versatility of lawn bowls; it’s a sport you can start at the age of 7 and continue to enjoy at 100. No extensive training or specific skills are necessary to have a fantastic time on the green.

Bowls is an inclusive sport, welcoming participants of all ages and backgrounds. From the young bowler to the seasoned adult, it doesn’t demand special strength or athletic prowess. Bowls is for everyone, irrespective of body shape or size, and is open to athletes with disabilities.

Experience the camaraderie, sportsmanship, and healthy competition that bowls brings. The game’s spirit encourages inclusivity, making it accessible to almost everyone.

In the world of bowls, age is just a number. Engage in national competitions tailored to various age groups, including Under 15, Under 20, Under 30, Open, and Veteran categories. Additionally, many tournaments and competitions are open to participants of any age, offering a truly inclusive and diverse playing field. Discover the joy of bowls and let it guide you on an exciting journey!

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Sedibeng Bowls Executive committee members

Raymond Hocknell



Iain Aitken

Vice President

Lauren Coetzee

Competition Secretary


Lizelle Fourie



Tarryn Cadwell



Louis Badenhorst

Committee Member

Lizzy Alexanders

Committee Member

Engela Kruger

Committee Member

Stephen Ramage

Committee Member

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